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Rocad 498

Rocad 498 is a Swedish made boat. Built in Kungshamn at a seasoned shipyard with 30 years of experience in the sport fishing realm. 


The innovated new design and construction of this boat makes it extremely strong and durable, as well as light weight and stabil. 


It’s about 20% lighter than other comparable aluminium boats regardless if we use the Aplicator system or if build it by hand. This is because of the choices of materials used, as well as how the 498 is constructed. When constructing the boat we look at it as one unit and not individual parts that are put together.

Length: 4.98 m

Width: 2.00 m

Weight: 310 kg (without engine)

Engine recommendation: 30-60 hk

Engine weight: 170 kg

Max. recommended weight: 631 kg

Speed: 20-32 knots

CE design category: C

Made by: Lars Sköld / Aplicator Group

Standard equipment: **

Integrated splashguards in the rear

Steering: steering wheel or tiller

Self draining

Mooring handles

Trailer handles

3 rod holders on starboard side

2 lids for storage compartments under deck

2 stern storage compartments with lids 

Electrical system with fuse box

Pipe for cables (under deck) for front engine (etc)

Space for starter battery, plus 2 extra batteries

Unique non-slip pattern on all deck surfaces

Extra Equipment:



Electrical (fishing) navigational equipment 


** The boat can customized to the buyer's preferences

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