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Rocad boats are developed and made from beginning to end in Kungshamn on the Swedish west coast. Here you can find the skill and expertise that's required to build an exceptional boat, as well as a natual test track right outside the door. Rocad boats are made for and in collaboration with professional sport fishermen and explorers that want the best product they can get which often translates into active use in all weather as well as all year around.

The creators of Rocad is a father and son team, Bertil and Lars Sköld, with over 60 years experience combined, including 30 years experience as manufacturers and distributors of sail boat parts to the leading sail boat manufacturer in Sweden. All those years in the boating business has attracted some of the elite sport fishing teams Skinne, Swede Riggers, and Team Roacd in both Sweden and Norway. 

You don't have to be an elite sport fisherman to enjoy a Rocad boat though. It's also a popular family boat for regular every day boat lovers becuase of safety reasons, durability and great resell value.





It's not by accident that Rocad is a successful business. There is a lot of work going into everything from sketches to molds to the actual contruction of the boats. The most noticable trade mark of Rocad boats is the very intentionally V-shaped hull which translates into a smooth and dry ride as well as a boat that easy to drive.

There are multiple option to customize the boat to your own taste. Because of how much thought and planning has gone into the design of the boats there is ample storage, space to move around and of course some equipment that comes as standard, like stainless steal railings which reiterates the safety standard the Rocad boats have. All Rocad hulls are made of fiber glass and are rolled by hand.


All Rocad boats are CE-certified. 


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